Daylesford Police Station

The Daylesford 16-hr Police Station is located on the main street of Daylesford just beyond the main shopping precinct. The building is on a narrow fronted east-west oriented site. Planning efficiencies required that the sally port be located on the street frontage nearby entry, interview and meeting spaces. The sally port entry has been turned 90 degrees to the street frontage to more sensitively address the street. This presents a large un-glazed form on the street frontage which has been clad in semi-glazed bricks and becomes a backdrop for planting and signage. The large vehicle turning area in front of the sally port has been turned into an entry forecourt with black and white graphic zigzag paving, planting and a long flat wombat sculpture – referencing the town’s initial name of Wombat Flat.

What is effectively a long rectangular footprint has been modulated by the formal overlay of a zig-zagging roof – referencing the snaking of roads in hilly regional towns. This provides clerestory lighting to almost every internal space whilst collecting rain-water which is deposited into rain water tanks at the end of the zigzag roof.

The building is clad in honed concrete block – providing a secure and serviceable finish. Golden louvres provide security and sunshading to key areas.