YPARC Frankston

08052012 - 185 - LR

YPARC Frankston is a Youth Prevention And Recovery Care residential project in Frankston designed for the Department of Health and Peninsula Health. This 10-bed, youth-specific residential facility provides care for 16 to 25 year olds with diagnosed mental illness requiring low acuity acute mental health care. It is located in a residential neighbourhood and its building form is designed to respond to surrounding houses so that it blends in and forms part of the continuity of fabric of the built environment. The building is formed around a central courtyard which provides a focussed, secure outdoor space.

The central courtyard has a number of differentiated zones for boys, girls and families. It provides a sense of security and allows staff passive vision at all times without imposing a sense of authoritarian observation. Additionally, the courtyard arrangement provides a sense of openness and continuity between areas so that it won’t have any of the negative aspects of a pin-wheel secure mental health facility.